Some Julia growth/usage stats

Thank you for sharing your wonderful findings. I am trying to do similar things to your research. That is how many people are downloading for a given Julia package.

I mean I would like to get data something like below:

package_uuid, year, request_count
<UUIDExample>, 2020, 10
<UUIDExample>, 2021, 130
<UUIDExample>, 2022, 119
<UUIDExample>, 2022, 1120

I know there is a post Announcing: package download stats! that allows us to investigate package download statistics by myself. Can I get package download statistics “by year” or “by month” instead of “by date”? As far as I know we can get information from the date field in a CSV file named package_requests_by_date, which only covers from 1 month ago to today.