Slow start up and package loading times

I got the following error when I included the slowgcsleep=1.5 argument:

julia> comparetoref(slowgcsleep=1.5)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching comparetoref(; slowgcsleep=1.5)
Closest candidates are:
  comparetoref(::DataFrames.DataFrame; refname) at C:\Users\Michael\.julia\packages\SystemBenchmark\deI1I\src\SystemBenchmark.jl:95 got unsupported keyword argument "slowgcsleep"   
  comparetoref() at C:\Users\Michael\.julia\packages\SystemBenchmark\deI1I\src\SystemBenchmark.jl:93 got unsupported keyword argument "slowgcsleep"
 [1] top-level scope at none:1

And thanks to you for persevering with me!

My bad. Should be fixed now. Please retry above in a fresh session to pull the latest version

Tried it again but I still get the same exact error :frowning:

I think you are better off by removing everything and start from a clean Julia installation (not Julia Pro) and start timing the Julia terminal.
That should be well less than 1 second, not 21 or even 16.

Then you can add packages and try VSCode or Juno/Atom… trying one at the time, you would see what is causing problems in your pc…

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Yeah. Also, @Michael_Barmann feel free to join the julia slack and message me. I’m keen to make SystemBenchmark work for your setup… it’s designed to be for debugging this kind of thing!

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On Win10 Julia 1.5.3 and experiencing the same problems as you.
PS: tried again 6 days later and it is now working fine. @ianshmean, thanks for the good stuff!


That SystemBenchmark PR needs work. I’ll post here once I’m more confident that it’s working.

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Thanks, I’ll give that a shot.

Thanks! I just joined the Slack channel!

1/4/21 Update: Thanks to @ianshmean, I was able to successfully run comparetoref() from the SystemBenchmark package ( ) in Windows Powershell. This produced the following results:

julia> show(ans, allrows=true, allcols=true)
32Γ—6 DataFrame
 Row β”‚ cat          testname                   units    ref_res                            test_res                           factor
     β”‚ String       String                     String?  Any                                Any                                Any
   1 β”‚ info         SysBenchVer                         0.3.0                              0.3.4                              Not Equal
   2 β”‚ info         JuliaVer                            1.4.1                              1.5.3                              Not Equal
   3 β”‚ info         OS                                  Linux (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu)        Windows (x86_64-w64-mingw32)       Not Equal
   4 β”‚ info         CPU                                 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @…  Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6200U CPU @…  Not Equal
   5 β”‚ info         WORD_SIZE                           64                                 64                                 Equal
   6 β”‚ info         LIBM                                libopenlibm                        libopenlibm                        Equal
   7 β”‚ info         LLVM                                libLLVM-8.0.1 (ORCJIT, skylake)    libLLVM-9.0.1 (ORCJIT, skylake)    Not Equal
   8 β”‚ info         GPU                                 GeForce GTX 1650 with Max-Q Desi…  missing                            Not Equal
   9 β”‚ cpu          FloatMul                   ms       1.1339999999999999e-6              1.8e-6                             1.5873
  10 β”‚ cpu          FusedMulAdd                ms       1.1339999999999999e-6              2.2e-6                             1.94004
  11 β”‚ cpu          FloatSin                   ms       4.051e-6                           6.3e-6                             1.55517
  12 β”‚ cpu          VecMulBroad                ms       2.9823115577889445e-5              6.1274e-5                          2.05458
  13 β”‚ cpu          CPUMatMul                  ms       0.018683                           0.0961005                          5.14374
  14 β”‚ cpu          MatMulBroad                ms       0.0042223                          0.0276668                          6.55255
  15 β”‚ cpu          3DMulBroad                 ms       0.0010529                          0.0024499                          2.32681
  16 β”‚ cpu          peakflops                  flops    1.8061545733047305e11              5.6808e10                          0.314524
  17 β”‚ cpu          FFMPEGH264Write            ms       107.751337                         398.181                            3.69537
  18 β”‚ mem          DeepCopy                   ms       0.00018790257558790594             0.000274774                        1.46232
  19 β”‚ mem          Bandwidth10kB              MiB/s    104871.77985698299                 71383.4                            0.680673
  20 β”‚ mem          Bandwidth100kB             MiB/s    58579.50346475738                  35762.8                            0.6105
  21 β”‚ mem          Bandwidth1MB               MiB/s    33439.963407070725                 15608.4                            0.466759
  22 β”‚ mem          Bandwidth10MB              MiB/s    5551.476774539766                  6896.19                            1.24223
  23 β”‚ mem          Bandwidth100MB             MiB/s    6910.9558841033295                 5698.44                            0.824552
  24 β”‚ diskio       DiskWrite1KB               ms       0.031895                           7.4007                             232.033
  25 β”‚ diskio       DiskWrite1MB               ms       0.920052                           7.96815                            8.66054
  26 β”‚ diskio       DiskRead1KB                ms       0.006683666666666667               0.187101                           27.9938
  27 β”‚ diskio       DiskRead1MB                ms       0.143755                           0.6543                             4.55149
  28 β”‚ loading      JuliaLoad                  ms       91.08045                           268.197                            2.94462
  29 β”‚ compilation  compilecache               ms       208.532099                         633.895                            3.0398
  30 β”‚ compilation  success_create_expr_cache  ms       235.4855485                        683.357                            2.90191
  31 β”‚ compilation  create_expr_cache          ms       0.894126                           8.459                              9.46064
  32 β”‚ compilation  output-ji-substart         ms       32.639706000000004                 81.3901                            2.49359

So based on the above table, DiskWrite1KB (row 24) is 232x slower on my system compared to the reference system. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what is causing this slowdown. Interestingly, DiskWrite1MB is β€œonly” 8.66x slower, which seems to suggest that he slowdown may be due to some overhead cost with writing to the disk.
The above test was run with Windows Defender turned off (to test if this was slowing it down).

My computer info: ASUS ZenBook UX303UA 13.3-Inch FHD Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 (64 bit).

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated! (I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Julia, and running it with and without Julia Pro, but the results were pretty much the same.)


Did you choose where to install Julia? Is it in a default location?

I uninstalled Julia and reinstalled it to the default location, which was:
C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Programs\Julia 1.5.3\bin\julia.exe

And? Any difference?

So it turns out that I had installed it in the default location originally…

I am at the moment out of ideas. I checked the system benchmark on my
Surface Pro which is pretty anemic thing: I use it only for reading papers.
It is much much faster than what you report. Do you have any other
system on which you could try it out?

I’ve created a table that should provide a better overview of the compile times (the first three time columns include compilation times, while the next three do not):

To summarize what I’ve tried so far:

  1. I uninstalled Julia Pro and reinstalled just Julia 1.5.3 and Atom/Juno and VSCode
  2. Ran SystemBenchmark with @ianshmean’s help and identified that DiskWrite1KB is 200x slower than the benchmark system, but couldn’t determine the cause of the slowness.
  3. Tried temporarily disabling Windows Defender and then rerunning SystemBenchmark and rerunning the @time using [package] commands, but the improvement was rather minimal (and not consistent).

Further comments:

  1. I’m curious to know how long @time using DifferentialEquations and
    @time using Plots; gr() takes for other people.
  2. Would the very slow writing to the disk, as identified by SystemBenchmark, explain the slow compilation times?
  3. Does anyone know some probable causes of writing to the disk being slow? (As mentioned previously, writing DiskWrite1MB was considerably less slow (8.66x the benchmark) compared to DiskWrite1KB, suggesting that there is some large overhead cost that is creating a bottleneck. Any ideas for what the cause might be?

For @time using DifferentialEquations I’m seeing about 5.3 seconds (on a relatively recent master). That said without precompilation I’m seeing closer to the 35 seconds you were. @time using Plots; gr() clocks in at 2.3 seconds for me.

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So the 5.3 seconds is from executing @time using DifferentialEquations in a fresh session (but you had used DifferentialEquations at least once before in a previous session)?

Yes, but this is much less of an issue in 1.6 and newer. 1.6 automatically precompiles when you add packages. Also, 1.6 has relatively negligible invalidation impact (for most packages), so there isn’t much difference between the first time you using and any other time you include it in a fresh session.

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Good to know, and I look forward to 1.6 coming out. But the table of times I reported in my last post does not include precompilation time. (Unless I am misunderstanding what precompilation means; I thought precompilation was what happens the very first time you use a package, i.e. not just the first time a package is compiled in a particular session.)