Shouldn't isempty(nothing) return true?


There are many systems of logic. Examples include propositional logic, description logic, first-order logic, fuzzy logic, modal logic. (
Maybe somebody should develop a package that defines the meaning of operators like <, <=, ==, ===, >=, >, , , `→’, etc. based on the type of logic the user want to apply.


Or new Julia’s feature could be used:
Custom infix operators can now be defined by appending Unicode combining marks, primes, and sub/superscripts to other operators. For example, +̂ₐ″ is parsed as an infix operator with the same precedence as + (source:


That seems like an intriguing possibility, however, I feel that typing those operators would be a royal pain! :nerd_face:
(like many of the Unicode operators that can be used in Julia)