Scientific Computing Category

This is my final post on this thread, as my argument is not about the suggested category. I’m interested not in people’s preferences, but in the big picture of things.

It definitely can, it’s only a matter of a few clicks. But these are not suggestions for names, they are mere examples of the proper relationship between the name of a category and the names of its subcategories. In such cases there is no such thing as a perfect name, cause they all have their disadvantages, cause human language itself is imperfect, as are the people using it.

You focused on the wrong part of my post, namely the examples. People could endlessly argue about proper calling, especially when they don’t make an effort to consider alternative points of view. And majorities come and go, their advice rarely passes the test of time.

My point is for everyone to raise their heads a little and try to look beyond the limits of a single category or package or organization they happen to spend most of their time in, so as to cooperate in finding names that in the long term will benefit the whole community. This isn’t the case so far. If people refuse to look around them, fragmentation can easily take place even inside a single forum.