PSA: Parametric method syntax deprecation about to drop

maybe replace with

push!(last(diags).actions, CSTParser.Diagnostics.TextEdit(loc1:loc1, string(" where {", replace(join((Expr(t) for t in sig.args[1].args[2:end] if !(t isa EXPR{P} where P <: PUNCTUATION)), ","), " ", ""), "}")))

It would be great if the auto-patching tool appeared formally in the ecosystem instead of only being a gist in a forum thread. It doesn’t seem like a huge stretch to put it in Compat.

In addition to discoverability, this also has the benefit that the deprecation warning itself could potentially advise to run the official patching tool.


It already lives in LanguageServer.jl (accessible through julia-vscode, with limited Atom and emacs support) , along with other deprecation autofixes.

It would be better to have scripts that are not tied to any particular editor. +1 for having an update-methods.jl or similar script distributed with Compat.

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The scripts posted above are just pure julia.

Yes, I know; would you consider submitting a PR to Compat.jl?

I don’t think a dependency on CSTParser would be accepted.

@Keno and @ZacLN are working on factoring this out and making it usable even without VS Code.


Now done: