Problems with environment - Tree Hash Mismatch!

I’d say yes, in your cluster.

I don’t recommend changing the environment variable for the rest of your system, I’d create an alias for Julia, or a small shell wrapper

I guess you are right.
actually, most of my use is to run julia scripts. So adding LD_LIBRARY_PATH="" as a prefix before running the script is quite easy.

so apparently running

LD_LIBRARY_PATH="" julia script.jl

does not make the errors go away.
Namely, I still see this error in the output (since I am importing PyPlot):

┌ Warning: No working GUI backend found for matplotlib
└ @ PyPlot ~/.julia/packages/PyPlot/XHEG0/src/init.jl:165

@giordano, do you know what should be done in this case?
Is there a way to set it from “inside” the script?

To be clear, you are experiencing multiple different unrelated issues:

  1. uncommon filesystem on which computation of the git tree sha1 fails
  2. LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable being set which causes JLL packages to not be loaded correctly
  3. matplotlib GUI not working for some other reasons which at the moment I have no clue about (might be loosely related to point 2 though)

My suggestion would be to use some other plotting libraries. Honestly I’m not familiar with internals of PyPlot.jl to know what’s going on. If you really want to use PyPlot.jl I suggest you to open a new thread, this has been resolved long ago (the original problem with the git tree sha1 was solved by upgrading to Julia v1.6)