Plotting a sequence of images as a gif

Well, I guess this is an attractive feature request :-).
For me, I think it is easy enough to automate this by wrapping APNG Assembler with some OS level calls.

I tried apng assembler but I have been a bit disappointed : it was much longer to run than saving to gif ( about a minute vs a few seconds) and the resulting png was twice bigger than the gif without an obvious quality enhancement…

If your color palette is narrow they should be similar quality wise. Yet APNG should have better compression. As far as I can remember to the least.

I’m trying to create a .gif from several images too. The save function doesn’t work for my array although I feel like this is functionally similar to the example. Any recommendations?

using FileIO, ImageIO, Colors, FixedPointNumbers, Images

folder = 
A = Array{Array{RGB{Normed{UInt8,8}},2},1}()

for i in 1:200
    img_path = "tmp/"*string(i)*".png"
    img = load(img_path)

save("test.gif", A)
┌ Warning: Mapping to the storage type failed; perhaps your data had out-of-range values?
│ Try `map(clamp01nan, img)` to clamp values to a valid range.
└ @ ImageMagick ImageMagick\0LwpT\src\ImageMagick.jl:180
Error encountered while saving "test.gif".

Fatal error:
ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching mapIM(::Array{RGB{Normed{UInt8,8}},2})
Closest candidates are:
  mapIM(::Bool) at \ImageMagick\0LwpT\src\ImageMagick.jl:264
  mapIM(::UInt16) \ImageMagick\0LwpT\src\ImageMagick.jl:262
  mapIM(::UInt32) \ImageMagick\0LwpT\src\ImageMagick.jl:263

It should be a 3d array (HWT, T = time), not a vector-of-matrices.

Yes. Thank you.

A = cat(A, load(img_path), dims=3)

Actually, if you zoom and open on another tab, you can see it move once.