New parametric functions syntax has a readability problem

Yes, I also believe that better editor support would make things better. It may be that my current theme is not very helpful. Also, a specialized Julia functions panel might help… I’m using VSCode with the Nord theme. Can anybody recommend any good Julia focused theme?

Re (2) I forgot to mention that it’s about short form functions - more details here: Proper way to declare return types parametrically in short-form functions in Julia 0.6

Re (1) and (3) they may be subjective, but the view reflects the decisions made by other languages in their implementation of generics. The previous syntax, where the types are added after the function name and before the argument tuple, was similar to choices made by other modern languages, like Swift and C#. Besides the fact that this represents the result of thorough language design choices, it’s also what developers have become accustomed to.