Nettle Fail to Build

That’s Pkg/libgit trying to avoid over-writing your local changes. You can use the command line git to run git stash, and then run the checkout command again. (I’m not aware of a way to do that in Pkg/libgit2 right now).

Ran git stash in the Cairo directory successfully, and then ran the Pkg.checkout("Cairo") again. Still getting the exact same errors errors when I run Pkg.test("Cairo") though. Still getting the same errors with Plots. Im beginning to think I should just delete the Julia directory and start from a fresh distribution.

I rescind my last comment; after starting a new Julia session, and entering

Using Cairo
Using Plots
pyplot( )

and it worked perfectly. Cairo also passed all tests without error when I ran


Thank you so much, this is a huge relief. I really appreciate your time.

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So, just to confirm: You run successfully Pkg.test(“Cairo”) on Cairo.jl master (Pkg.checkout) without changing the libcairo version?