Makie - drawing lines through transparent surface

This is an annoying problem…As if transparency isn’t hard enough already, I have two render targets for drawing primitives that need anti-aliasing (aa) and one that doesn’t…Lines don’t need aa, a.k.a fxaa (which is the algorithm i implemented), but a surface has fxaa enabled.
You can try this, to get better results:

using Makie
scene = Scene(camera = cam3d!)

y = collect(-10:0.1:10)
x = y
z = zeros(length(x), length(y))

height = 5.0
x0 = 0.0
y0 = 0.0
z0 = 0.0
origin = Point3f0(x0, y0, height)
crosspt = Point3f0(x0, y0, z0)
finalpt = Point3f0(x0-2 ,y0+2, -height)
line1 = [origin, crosspt]
line2 = [crosspt, finalpt]
linesegments!(scene, line1,  linewidth=5, color = :red, fxaa = true)
linesegments!(scene, line2,  linewidth=5, color = :red, fxaa = true)
surface!(scene, x, y, z, shading = false, colormap = [(:blue, 0.5), (:green, 0.5)], fxaa = true, transparency = true)