KKT condition solves the bilevel optimization problem

I’m sorry, I’ll follow what you said. Try to create a new environment, still installed version 0.1.0. :sob:

that is very weird.

add BilevelJuMP@0.2

to force the correct version, it might return the dep error.

sorry,It seems impossible.I don’t seem to be able to install version 0.2.0
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] up

does not work also, i’d say its a JuliaPro issue.
I recommend trying:
and test the same commands we tested here.

Once that works and if you really want to use julia pro, I recommend opening an issue with the juliaPro category or contacting their support.

I tried to remove, re install and update, but I still can’t install version 0.2.0. However, thank you very much for your reply and help!

Did you try the command line version from the link I sent?
I believe it is a JuliaPro issue.