Julia stats, data, ML: expanding usability

For a reference: it does have quantile and median.

Oh yeah I always mix up what is in StatsBase.jl versus Statistics :man_facepalming:t4: and that already illustrates the point I am trying to make :sweat_smile: I remember the sample vs. rand duel out of my head and other secondary functions I needed while developing packages.

A small bit of bike-shedding: If Statistics.jl was removed from the stdlib in 2.0, I would prefer that the external statistics package be called Statistics.jl instead of Stats.jl.


We tried to remove it in Julia 1.0, but it caused a huge furore to require basic statistical functions from an external package.

That’s understandable. I remember the frustration in 1.0 of having to type using Statistics in order to use the mean function. Then maybe the long term solution would be to make API changes to Statistics in 2.0 and leave it in the standard library.

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