Julia on Raspberry Pi: error building HDF5 package

Does this mean you need at least Julia 1.3 to use artifacts? Could you please give some hints about how to proceed.

Pkg’s artifacts functionality requires at least Julia 1.3.


How to proceed with what? Do you have some issues with julia/package installation/usage?

I’m sorry for being unclear. I have the same issue, i.e. that HDF5 does not work on my rpi4 using Julia 1.0. I tried building Julia from source but ended up in multiple errors along the way. Do you mean I have to build Julia >=1.3 and then somehow add HDF5.jl precompiled to solve the issue? What steps did you take?

You can build latest version of Julia, then just install HDF5.jl - it should download its dependencies automatically. Did you try to use ARM builds from release page? You can try older version 32-bit (ARMv7-a hard float), from older release page: https://julialang.org/downloads/oldreleases/

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Also one can try this build of Julia 1.5: Have a try Julia v1.4.2 for arm32bit

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I am using the Julia 1.3 inside a Raspberry Pi 3. I compiled the libhdf5 and made the HDF5 package work. So, if anyone wants to have HDF5 working with Julia 1.x inside a Raspberry Pi, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. download the libhdf5 binaries from libhdf5.tar - Google Drive
  2. extract them to: ~/.julia/libhdf5
  3. start julia and run these commands:

ENV[“JULIA_HDF5_LIBRARY_PATH”] = “/home/pi/.julia/libhdf5/”
ENV[“JULIA_HDF5_PATH”] = “/home/pi/.julia/libhdf5”
using Pkg
using HDF5

The HDF5 package is working with Julia 1.0 and 1.3 inside both my RPi 3 and 4 (2GB).

Ah, and if you need the Plots package then the tip I followed was to install an older version using (Error requiring `HDF5` from `Plots`: Group not defined · Issue #3235 · JuliaPlots/Plots.jl · GitHub):

Pkg.add(“Plots”, version=v"1.4.3")

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You only need to set JULIA_HDF5_PATH (JULIA_HDF5_LIBRARY_PATH is legacy and will be deprecated)

Take a look at: Home · HDF5.jl (juliaio.github.io) using custom or system provided HDF5 binaries

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