Julia 1.0 released


You can find some help in the docstring, by typing ?fft. And there is documentation with links in FFTW.jl: https://juliamath.github.io/FFTW.jl/stable/fft.html


Ok, docstring is good. But the page you linked doesn’t contain fft documentation. It only refers to AbstractFFTs.jl.

I’m not saying that it’s not traceable, I’m just saying that it’s (too) difficult for new users for such a (arguably) basic functionality.


Huh? It absolutely has both a link to AbstractFFTs.jl and several screenfuls of documentation. There’s something weird going on here…


Correct: …equations ecosystem (DifferntialEquations.jl),…
By: …equations ecosystem (DifferentialEquations.jl),…


The situation is not perfect and there is an urgent need to have a centralized place where one can search for package functionality. I think everybody agrees on that and is encouraged to contribute to a better experience.

But: In any ways, the Julia documentation should not be the place to provide links to functionality that Julia does not provide. It should just document what is inside.

What we also need are metapackages that group smaller packages together. In case of the FFT this could be a SignalProcessing package. The metapackage can reexport the fft function so that the user does not need to know the exact name of the package. Much like Toolboxes in Matlab.


Threre’s already DSP.jl. It already depends on FFTW.jl, so re-exporting fft and friends wouldn’t add a dependency.


Yes, DSP.jl could be the home for such a signal processing functionality. But currently fft is not reexported. The Images.jl packages are a good example where basics functionality is grouped into a larger package. Images.jl is mostly a metapackage and nobody has to remember that there is ImagesCore.jl and so on.


Now we just need to wait for Julia Pro based in Julia 1.0, and all packages working properly.