Julia 0.7.0-alpha is now available

Can I simply copy my current ~/.juliarc.jl to ~/.julia/config and then rename it to startup.jl?

Yes. And add the symlink if you want 0.6 to use the same file.

Thanks! Probably I’ll keep them separate as a lot of old stuff seem obsoleted now. For example,

Base.@everywhere is deprecated: it has been moved to the standard library package `Distributed`.
Add `using Distributed` to your imports.

So, the following line originally in ./juliarc.jl

@everywhere push!(LOAD_PATH, "/home/chobbes/Documents/git/MyPackage.jl/src")

shall be

using Distributed 
push!(LOAD_PATH, "/home/chobbes/Documents/git/MyPackage.jl/src")

in startup.jl?

You would still need the @everywhere. The macro is just located in the module Distributed now.
Check out the documentation. Some things have also been renamed, eg @distributed instead of @parallel.


Thanks. Quickly scan the page. No idea what to do. Probably will leave it for the time being. Thanks anyhow!

what is the target date for 0.7.0-beta ?

I would like to get Pkg production ready for beta and any potential breaking C.I. changes done before it.

just a guess for the release of 0.7.0-beta, please… 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months? regards, /iaw

Ideally is to get 1.0 before/during Juliacon (Aug 7-11).

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seems optimistic. I have been playing with 0.7-alpha, and basic packages like Distributions.jl do not install. (ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: LoadError: UndefVarError: RangeGeneratorInt not defined)

so, about a month for 0.7-beta?

The current plan is to release a beta as soon as the items currently on the 0.7 milestone are taken care of. Hopefully this week.


Would be nice to focus now or very soon in getting FemToCleaner up and running. Many packages are waiting for it to start migrating. I would put it there with any breaking changes or any really that could disrupt C.I. (e.g., external libraries).

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I think I will wait until 1.0. By the way, R 3.5.0 is a major release this year and there seems a large performance improvement, hopefully there will be an updated performance benchmark against Julia 1.0.

That is what @keno is focusing on.


Those errors are in general more about packages. Since 0.7 is kind of equivalent to 1.0 with deprecations, package developers have now the pressure to catch Julia, and not the other way around. Still some bugs and other things must be fixed in Julia, but I think that from 0.7-beta we’ll go to 1.0 suddenly, removing in the same process the deprecations

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I wonder if it is OK to just follow master until v0.7 is released? I expect issues would be fixed gradually.

It seems that some work has been done this we


What are the steps between the beta and the full 0.7 release?

Getting more packages working on 0.7, getting people to test the beta and report bugs, finally, when we think things are in good shape, cutting a “release candidate” and getting people to test that for bugs and report them and fix them. In the past when a release candidate has been out for a week without any bugs, we’ll make it the final release.


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