Isolation Forests?

Has anyone found or implemented a routine for Isolation Forests in Julia?
Thanks in advance.

[ANN] OutlierDetection.jl - Outlier / Anomaly Detection Ecosystem may have what you want. The README mentions Isolation Forests.

Thank you very much - I will see if I can implement the PyCall version (and play with the other methods). I hope someone implements it in Julia!

By the way… LibIsolationForest contains a pure Julia implementation that should be fairly straight-forward to port to OutlierDetection.jl. I would happily support you if you would like to port it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, that is the kind of thing I was hoping for.

I looked at your test script and it looks interesting but quite involved… I think what would be most useful for someone like me who is just playing with a variety of methods (and also for my students) would be a minimal example of how to run and apply your model.
Thanks for your package (and test script), though! And also for what may be possible by way of my suggestion.

I took a first stab at integrating the isolation forest implementation with OutlierDetection.jl. Have a look at the discussion at to follow the implementation progress and possibly contribute.