Is there a way to suppress "method overwritten" warnings?

Regarding the original issue (method overwritten messages): if someone still finds them problematic in practice, it would be great to know more about the context, especially a precise MWE.

In particular, when one is developing using one of the recommended workflows with Revise.jl, this should not show up. Similarly when (re)loading a package which is written in a reasonably clean way — if methods are overwritten, it is worth a look.

Any news on this?

In one of my packages, I should override some method from another package that is causing issues (I need to suppress the warning for other users not on my computer)

If it’s a bug in the other package, patch the package…

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I have opened a PR to the package, but it has been open for a long time.

Unfortunately, Project.toml doesn’t support linking to a fork. Maybe I should register the package under a new UUID and name. Also, using Manifest.toml isn’t robust, since every Julia version generates different Manifest.toml.

I would recommend opening an issue about offering to take over package maintenance before that.