How to pass variables to several levels up without going through headings (arguments) in functions

The same thinking as fortran is probably why I like so much Julia. Aside greek symbols, subindices and defining operator symbols. Extremely easy to read, hence to understand and maintain. And as a plus, getting rid of Matlab. All this is why I want to move my code to Julia (apart from engaging my much-younger students into it).

Again, thank you all a lot for all the support to the novice!

I’m not in the field and to be honest don’t even know what is is (fine elements? Aren’t they all? I’ve never met an infinite one!) but I thought I’d mention that there’s a well maintained library/ecosystem here

which might be of interest. (I’d tag Petr as well if the Discourse tagging thing would work on mobile!)

Reminds me of this Ed Post quote from '82:

The determined Real Programmer can write FORTRAN programs in any language.

On the other hand, I probably just tend to write Common Lisp or Haskell in Julia :wink:

const diam = splat((:))∘extrema

If the only purpose is just to pass a large number of arguments, I pack them into a NamedTuple. Which can be extended (by merging), mutated (by merging), unpacked by name or by position, or passed as kwargs.


(There is also Gridap.jl and some other packages … I seem to remember a summary of Julia FEM packages somewhere, but I can’t find it at the moment.)