How to check how free RAM is available?

How to check how free RAM is available ? Is any call in Julia ? Paul

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You can use your system routines.
If you are at unix-like:

run(`egrep --color 'Mem|Cache|Swap' /proc/meminfo`)

From Julia, you can use Sys.free_memory() which returns an unsigned integer with number of bytes that are free. If you want it in e.g. MiB do Sys.free_memory()/2^20. You can also get it by calling versioninfo(verbose=true) although that prints a lot of other info as well.

Note: versioninfo() is a part of InteractiveUtils in the Standard Library which is loaded automatically in the REPL. If you want to run it from a script you need to include using InteractiveUtils before calling it.


THX, is not easy to find it :slight_smile:
W dniu 2018-09-21 o 17:57, Kevin McReynolds pisze:

Total RAM memory:

Free RAM memory:

@ksmcreynolds How can we get available RAM memory?

I have the same question. Is it possible to check system available memory but not free memory? On Linux most people suggest look at /proc/meminfo. Since free RAM is treated as “wasted” RAM, why is there a built-in method for free memory but not available memory?

The question is pretty hard. I’ve run Julia on my mac that took 50GB RAM, and my mac has 16GB. How much was free? -30GB?

MacOS has ’memory pressure’ on the monitor app. I don’t really know what it does.