How does Julia stack up to Python, its and e.g. C++ standard library?

To answer my own question partially (for collections in Python first, i.e. data structures, everything from it seems covered while I didn’t explore the User* wrappers):

Counter seems to be countmap in StatsBase.jl (I would not have thought of looking there): containers - Is there a Counter object in Julia? - Stack Overflow

ChainMap is equivalent to seem totally unrelated to: ANN: the implosion of ChainMap.jl

12. Data Persistence

is of course very important, from that part of Python, we do have something equivalent to pickle (also actually for JSON), but it’s a bit of a can of worms (in any language), just know possible.

Even dbm seems covered with GDBM.jl (not registered so, pkg> add

They have argparse, we have several such, maybe eventually some package should end up being stdlib eventually.

They have xml, json, even telnetlib and email handling (even smptd, seems very odd to have an email server in your standard library). Nothing that I don’t know to be covered n Julia, or irrelevant, while I’ve not seen smptd in Julia…

They don’t only have a library, also some frameworks/GUI stuff IDLE and tkinter. I believe all the same GUI stuff is covered in Julia packages, or at least the most important GUI frameworks no less supported than the Python standard library.

Luxor.jl equivalent to: 24.1. turtle — Turtle graphics