How do we Julians win big when the situation is so unfair?

Hah, yes, open-ended topics like these are tough. They can bring out some really interesting discussions (like the above), but everyone takes things in different directions (like the above) and discourse’s model here just isn’t great at handling that. At best, us mods split out lots of sub-threads, but that’s pretty intensive and isn’t always possible to do sensibly.

But we can learn! And try new things! Instead of festering, let’s try setting a close timer. That way, hopefully the “close” feels less pointed at any one individual. Of course, this doesn’t mean a free-for-all over the next 24 hours — we’ll still moderate flags and if things spiral further into meta-gripes and their reactions we’ll close it sooner.

As always, if there are specific things you’d still like to talk about after tomorrow, please do start a specific focused topic!

If I could suggest where this discussion goes from here, what are you yourself doing so Julia can win big?