Hi, I got new problem which my function has not been doing since today. Function r

Hi, I got new problem which my function has not been doing since today. Function returns a Dict which I save to a variable but the output as below. And it have :_backref element, which I do not understand why and it has not been like this before. Also, the same Dict was saved by my function into a .bson and when loaded it is correct as expected. Could anyone help why this is so?

Dict{Symbol,Any} with 6 entries:
  :oos_assets => Any[Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"backref",:ref=>20)]
  :assets     => Any["dlgdp", .....]
  :oos_test   => Any[Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"backref",:ref=>21)]
  :all_dicts  => Any[Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"struct",:type=>Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"datatype",:params=>Any[Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"datatype",:params=>Any[],:name=>Any["Core", "Any"]), Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"datatype",:params=>Any[],:name=>Any["Core", "Any"])],:name=>Any["Main", …
  :info       => "BH-MA-B1-MSE_xx_batchsize=4_cvfolds=3_earlystop=5_epochs=15_js=10_mlprob=true_mrecur=false_seed=0"
  :_backrefs  => Any[Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"datatype",:params=>Any[Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"datatype",:params=>Any[],:name=>Any["Core", "Float32"]), 2],:name=>Any["Core", "Array"]), Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"datatype",:params=>Any[Dict{Symbol,Any}(:tag=>"datatype",:params=>Any[],:n…

And loaded from bson

julia> BSON.load("/Users/luboshanus/GitHub/DistrNN11/data/exp_pro/BH_MA_MSE_10_xx_js_10/BH-MA-B1-MSE_xx-ALL-js10-005-095-MLP-N128x64-2021-02-18T1555.bson")
Dict{Symbol,Any} with 5 entries:
  :oos_assets => Any[Float32[0.0815284 ......]]
  :assets     => Any["dlgdp", .....]
  :oos_test   => Any[Float32[0.0 0.0; 0.0 0.0; … ; 1.0 1.0; 1.0 1.0]]
  :all_dicts  => Any[Dict{Any,Any}(:train_size=>0.9,:hpo_results=>Hyperoptimizer(3, (:η, :λ, :ϕ), (Float32[0.0002, 0.0002, 0.0005, 0.0005, 0.001, 0.002, 0.002, 0.005, 0.005, 0.01], Float32[0.0, 0.0, 5.0f-5, 0.0001, 0.0001, 0.0002, 0.0002, 0.0005, 0.0005, 0.001], Float32[0.0, 0.0,…
  :info       => "batchsize=4_cvfolds=3_earlystop=5_epochs=15_js=10_mlprob=true_mrecur=false_seed=0"

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