Help interpreting an error with exponentials using JuMP variables

Any help would be appreciated with this problem:

using NLopt
using JuMP









MethodError: no method matching ^(::Irrational{:e}, ::Array{JuMP.GenericQuadExpr{Float64,JuMP.Variable},2})
Closest candidates are:
  ^(::Irrational{:e}, ::Irrational) at irrationals.jl:219
  ^(::Irrational{:e}, ::Rational) at irrationals.jl:219
  ^(::Irrational{:e}, ::Integer) at irrationals.jl:219

I have omitted some details and shortened functions for privacy but I could include more if necessary.

Does it help to use exp(T) ?

Unfortunately it doesn’t, it seems julia doesn’t want to take the exponential of my JuMP array, is that a usual problem? I will try to fix other parts of my code and come back to this. Thank you.

Your code seems to be out of order (the @variable statements should come before R, Q and T).

What are you trying to do? T is a 4x4 matrix. Its exponential (be it elementwise or a matrix exponential) is a 4x4 matrix, so how can that be the objective of an optimization?

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Sorry, I just didn’t include the full expression of the objective to try to minimize the code. I have fixed the order of the @variable statements. I have another thread where I have posted my updated code with a new problem help-creating-a-jump-variable-array So I won’t repost it here to reduce redundancy, however I can eventually post my full minimization expression if my problems aren’t worked out my other post. Thank you for your help!