Hello, I am using a package JuAFEM for generating a three grids. After merging the

Hello, I am using a package JuAFEM for generating a three grids. After merging the grids when I am trying to use the getfacesets function it does not show any faceset for the final merged grid, however it shows the facesets for individual grid. Below is the code:

using JuAFEM
using BlockArrays, SparseArrays, LinearAlgebra, Tensors

grid1 = generate_grid(QuadraticQuadrilateral,(10,10), Vec{2}((0.0,4.5)), Vec{2}((0.5,4.5)), Vec{2}((0.5,5.0)), Vec{2}((0.0,5.0)))
grid2 = generate_grid(QuadraticQuadrilateral,(10,10), Vec{2}((0.0,0.0)), Vec{2}((5.0,0.0)), Vec{2}((0.5,4.5)), Vec{2}((0.0,4.5)))
grid3 = generate_grid(QuadraticQuadrilateral,(10,10), Vec{2}((0.5,4.5)), Vec{2}((5.0,0.0)), Vec{2}((5.0,5.0)), Vec{2}((0.5,5.0)))

function merge_grids(grid1::Grid{dim,CellType}, grid2::Grid{dim,CellType}; tol=0.0001) where {N, dim, CellType <: Cell{<:Any, N}}
    cells′ = copy(grid1.cells)
    nodes′ = copy(grid1.nodes)
    nodemap = Dict{Int,Int}()
    next = getnnodes(grid1) + 1
    for (i2, n2) in enumerate(grid2.nodes)
        found = false
        for (i1, n1) in enumerate(grid1.nodes)
            if norm(n1.x - n2.x) < tol
                nodemap[i2] = i1
                found = true
        if !found
            push!(nodes′, n2)
            nodemap[i2] = next
            next += 1
    for c in grid2.cells
        t = ntuple(N) do i
            return nodemap[c.nodes[i]]
        cell′ = CellType(t)
        push!(cells′, cell′)
    return Grid(cells′, nodes′)

merge_grids(grid1::G, grid2::G, grids::G...) where G <: Grid =
    merge_grids(merge_grids(grid1, grid2), grids...)

 grid = merge_grids(grid1,grid2, grid3)


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