Getting an error with the pgfplotsx backend for Plots.jl


I´m getting the following error, when I try to use Plots.jl with the pgfplots backend.

julia> using Plots

julia> pgfplotsx()
ERROR: UndefVarError: pgfplotsx not defined

I have installed Plots v0.27.1, PGFPlotsX v1.2.5 and PGFPlots v3.2.1. Furthermore Plots.jl is working when I use the plotly backend and the examples of website of PGFPlotsX are also working.

Does anybody know what is the matter with this error?

What version of Plots are you on?

Plots v0.27.1

That is an old version that doesn’t include the pgfplotsx backend I think. What happens if you do add Plots@1 in the Pkg REPL?

Oh, ok sorry and thanks. I thought, that I would be on one of the latest version, because I did a fresh install of julia and all packages just 2 weeks ago. I´ve done ] up, currently it is building. I will report, when it is finished.

It works. Thanks. Two packages (ConcaveHull.jl, RecipesBase.jl) have restricted the Plots.jl package to install the latest package.