`file.choose()` in `Julia`?

I wrote this monstrosity a few years ago for my use on Windows. It shells out to PowerShell to create a file dialog then parses the results. Needed a tweak to get the uigetfile function working again (I’m using PS7 compared to PS5 when I wrote it) the others would probably need tweaks too. Obviously ugly and could be done better (I’m a much better Julia programmer now) but does get the job done (on Windows). I wonder how hard it’d be to whip up a package, atleast for a specific OS.

I haven’t used this code in a few years as I mostly work in notebooks now and so my filepaths are stored in a cell for convenience and reproducibility of the notebook.

edit to add that this doesn’t “open” the file it just returns the path as a string or an array of strings if you select multiple files. Makes it a tad easier to get a variable with your filepath in the REPL is all.