Equivalent to Rosetta in Julia

I’ve recently started working at a biotech startup. One of the tools used by these types of companies is the macromolecular modelling tool Rosetta. I don’t totally understand Rosetta’s various capabilities/limitations. To gain better understanding, I was hoping to contrast it with other tools. Specifically, Julia tools, because I’m curious about the bio community.

In the Julia, there are several tools organized under BioJulia. What capabilities of Rosetta have equivalents in BioJulia?

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Not many, to my knowledge. Rosetta is a mature and powerful suite that encompasses core code, protocols and a forcefield. Rosetta can do things that few other softwares can in any language, which does make a comparison difficult.

The structural bioinformatics scene in Julia is more limited, and the following packages include features that can also be found in Rosetta (apologies for any omissions, please add below):

Stay tuned, there are more and more as time goes on!