DifferentialEquations Pkg won't be added

Hmm, I just wiped .julia and install gave DifferentialEquations v1.10.1 with DiffEqBase v0.15.0. For some reason it’s giving you a really old version. Would you mind posting your Pkg.status() so I can investigate this a bit? During this update I think we ran into a package resolver bug in Pkg, and we’re still not quite sure why the downgrading is happening in some cases.

Note that if you have LSODA.jl installed, you will get downgraded. That’s the only case I currently know of, and it hasn’t updated yet because that’s related to this other Discourse question:

But hopefully that will get worked out soon a new version can be tagged there. For now, if you have LSODA.jl, remove it (it doesn’t come standard with DifferentialEquations, so it’s only there if you intentionally installed it)