CUDA.jl tests on windows

Just as a notification, adding the CUDA#master fixed my ‘initialization’ CUDA package test too. (:

Also, I noticed the CUPTI was missing, and that it was looking for cupti64_2020.1.0, where as the lastest NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit provides cupti64_2020.1.1.

Is that with CUDA from artifacts? If it’s still the case on CUDA#master, please file an issue.

That was with the CUDA Toolkit manually installed. I cannot surely say whether it was CUDA#master or the release. If it is important I will dig around my system again and confirm, just ask!

I figured it out, you were using CUDA 11.0 Update 1 which we didn’t correctly detect cupti64_2020.1.1 on yet. That should be fixed on CUDA.jl 1.3, released today :slight_smile:

You’re on point! Will shout if anything else is amiss! Cheers