Correct process to use julia code from C# or VB .NET

Hi, @HyperSphereStudio. Excellent work!

Please feel free to take the code in my repo. Regarding JLArray, maybe it is better to map a Julia array to array or from the opposite side to leverage the matrix functions therein.

I would like to provide help, but currently I am working on a paper. I will join your efforts ASAP.

ps. Would you please enable the discussion panel in your repo? Previously I got some difficulty in automatic memory handling and would like to learn from you.


Hi, based on ur suggestion we took a first step like this way :slight_smile:


GitHub link : GitHub - PiResearchTech/Ayudha: Avalonia + Julia interface for cross platform Windows GUI


Obviously, there seems to be a growing requirement to have julia integrate with .NET !

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That is my main use case too !

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@Shuhua @HyperSphereStudio @oheil @BioTurboNick Quick poll, do you think it could be useful to ask for a repo in so that such .NET / Julia interfaces gain more attention ?

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Of course.
But I didn’t used the .NET interface package yet, so can’t say anything about its quality compared to the other Interop packages…

Hmm, regardless of the current state of development, it could be relevant to set it there so that potential contributors can share their efforts, don’t you think ?


This sounds good to me if others are also onboard with it.

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I’m facing the exact same problem like you BambOoxX… What is the progress of all you guys hard work :slight_smile:

This is the only thread I have found regarding Julia/C# :frowning: So much help else…