Citations in docs

OK, after giving it some time, I organized the bibliography packages system as follows:

  • A package to handle an internal type for bibliography items in Julia: BibInternal.jl. It also include the rule system mentioned above (work in progress though).
  • Set of parsers from any citation language to the BibInternal.jl format. Currently compatible with BibInternal.jl is only BibTeXParser.jl. If other parsers are or become available it should be pretty straightforward to make them compatible with BibInternal.jl.
  • A top package to aggregate BibInternal.jl and any parser: Bibliography.jl. Importing from (parsing) and exporting to (file or string) BibTeX is less than 40 lines, thanks to multiple dispatch. I think it is pretty straightforward to extend it for the documentation now.

Please note this is just a proposal, and there are a couple of parsers for bibtex or other bibliography languages that are available in Julia (so my parser is not necessarily the best choice).

I will use those package for my own project (unless something better/smoother pops up), so if there is an interest in this organization of packages, I can register (part) of them. Let me know.

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