Bug with Julia 1.7.1 and CUDA 3.3

Sorry for not following up. I have been caught in a project application with a short deadline and I am a bit overwhelmed…

If I understand what you propose correctly, it is enough to add at the beginning of my codes and after loading CUDA something like:

    @device_override Base.@propagate_inbounds function Base.getindex(iter::CartesianIndices{N,R},
                                                                     I::Vararg{Int, N}) where {N,R}
            CartesianIndex(getindex.(iter.indices, I))

Is my understanding correct? If yes, I will try this as early as I can!

It’s easier to dev CUDA.jl and change the package.


I tried removing the branch and executing always the code for compute_capability() < sv"7" and it still show bugs. It does not seem to affect the issue.

I will try to produce a cleaned version that shows the bugs.

You can also try CUDA.jl#master which now uses an updated ptxas from CUDA 11.6 (verify using CUDA.versioninfo()).