Appropriate category for announcement of deployment tool


I would like to announce that a tool I develop (ElastiCluster) has acquired the ability to deploy Julia as an add-on. Two questions:

  1. are announcements of 3rd-party tools in-topic on this forum?
  2. what would be the right category to post into? (I can see that most search results for “JupyterHub” were posted in the “Usage” category.)

Thanks for any clarification!

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Probably the best place is [community/packages/tooling].(

Although that seems dedicated to Julia packages? ElastiCluster is a (Python+Ansible) tool to install Julia, not really something that you would use in your Julia code – would that still fit the packages/tooling section?

Given that there are other tools discussed in that section that are not written in Julia (e.g. editor plugins), I’d say that’s probably appropriate. You might generate more interest if you gave some description of how to deploy Julia packages in particular with this tool.


I agree. This community will appreciate everything even having just a slight connection to Julia :grin:

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Thanks a lot for the suggestions and clarifications! I have posted the announcement at: ANN: ElastiCluster acquires support for installing Julia

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