Appending trailing slashes to paths

I was rather talking about the implementation, not the API. For example,

os.path.abspath() simplifies “…” path components without resolving symlinks first

But if you don’t look at os.path implementation (or emulation is perfect such that Julia copied the bug) I guess there is no problem.

I’m not sure I agree that not resolving symlinks is broken. There’s not exactly a lot of analysis of why that’s wrong, mostly just an assertion.

Because otherwise you’d get something different from read(path) and read(abspath(path))?

$ mkdir -p c/d
$ ln -s c/d a
$ echo "./b" > b
$ echo "./c/b" > c/b
$ cat a/../b
$ julia -e 'write(stdout, read("a/../b"), read(abspath("a/../b")), read(realpath("a/../b")))'
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Please show example using pathlib.Path.home()

You may be posting in the wrong forum. This is Julia.