Anyone developing multinomial logistic regression?


Hi all,

I’m looking to write a multinomial logistic regression function (including conditional logit). From what I can see, there is no extant package that can do this. Given the popularity of such a model, I’m surprised that it doesn’t exist yet in Julia, but would also be interested in collaborating. A good model for such a package would be the R mlogit package.

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Not sure what mlogit is but I have one in my package, Haven’t fully tested it yet I’d love feedback

I also have classification measures for multiclass classifications, etc.

If there’s anything missing you’d like to see let me know and I probably have the wherewithall to add it.

Edit - Ah sorry I have a multinomial softmax regression. Sorry thats a different bird.



I will be registering my package in the next few days which has ologit and mlogit. The implementation for mlogit is similar to Stata’s mlogit rather than the R package. The R package allows for outcome specific features (e.g., price of y0, price of y1, etc) while Stata’s and mine only handle features for the unit of observation (e.g., age, education, etc.).



Awesome! That’s definitely a great help. I am basically looking for the equivalent of Stata’s asclogit command but I suspect that I can implement that using your package as a starting point.

I have implemented this in Matlab but will be curious to see how you handle the optimization.



I think softmax regression is the same as multinomial logistic regression. This package is really cool and I will take a look! Thanks for responding.



For nominal response models, it would be nice to add the generalization for conditional multinomial logistic (PR welcome). For ordinal logistic regression, I implemented the proportional odds logistic regression (POLR), but the generalization would also be welcomed as a PR. I am waiting for StatsModels to tag a new release for the Terms 2.0 era and for me to finish up the last final touches.

In terms of the optimization approach, (1) the random effects (Swamy-Arora) is fitted through a partial demeaning framework, (2) absorption of categorical fixed effects is done trough the method of alternating projections, (3) multinomial logistic regression is optimized through Fisher Scoring in a Vector Generalized Linear Model (VGLM) framework, and (4) ordinal logistic regression uses Optim.jl with a Newtonian with AD for the Hessian because I lost so much time trying to write up the analytical Hessian and failed.

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Awesome, thanks! My Matlab implementation of Stata’s asclogit command is basically the equivalent of calling Optim.jl. I suspect Fisher scoring is faster, but I’ve never programmed that up before.

I had a peek at your source code this morning and will be in touch with a possible PR in the coming weeks.

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It might still need a tweak or two (e.g., StatsModels changes in master)… I want to get the beta test out in the coming weeks and then start working on optimizing the code and more robustness checks. That was a chapter in my defense (two weeks ago) so probably would be good to release it soon and have it stable by JuliaCon.

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