[ANN] UcrDtw.jl: a "fast" implementation of Dynamic Time Warping

So… @Seanny123 did you retrack the package? The link that the package was originally hosted does not work anymore.

Does anyone have a copy somewhere that I can find? If it was released as open source then we should be able to have a copy on GitHub, license-wise.


Any news on the release of this package? I would be keen on trying it :slight_smile:


I brushed up the abandoned TimeWarp.jl and made some changes to the interface as well as some performance improvements in DynamicAxisWarping.jl. The repo does currently not contain any of the known optimizations for searching for a short pattern in a long time series, but I might add some if I find that I need them it contains most of them by now.

My plans are to experiment with combinations of optimal transport and dynamic time warping, and stuff like soft-DTW are probably going to end up higher on the TODO-list.

Here is an example (notebook) that measures distance between spectrograms by combining dynamic time warping with a transport-based cost along the frequency axis using SpectralDistances.jl.


I have since left the company and since I’m not a lawyer, I have no idea if I’m allowed to release the code again, regardless of the license.