[ANN] PrettyTables.jl now has LaTeX backend

Which you are currently working on :smile:
I’ll have to figure out how to install your dev version!

To do what I am after, it would be enough to ensure that
table entries can be either an empty string, or a latex string?
I am looking forward to trying it!

Actually the released version already has the LaTeX backend, just expect some rough edges :slight_smile:

Perfect! This should work.

I ended up with

function pt_frac(value)
    "$n ⁄ $d"
formatter = Dict( 0 => (value,i) -> pt_frac(value) )
pretty_table([1//2 2; -2//3 3//2], noheader=true, backend=:html, formatter=formatter)

Might you have a better suggestion?

Having played with this some more, having more control over where horizontal and vertical border lines are placed would be useful. (Outline blocks of cells, rather than every cell)