ANN: LightQuery tutorial


I’d be happy to collaborate with @davidanthoff, or whoever else.


Took a look at the tutorial and seems like a very nice contribution to the ecosystem.


@mkborregaard I just pushed a version with three new shortcut functions: group_by, summarize, and left_join. These work basically the way things work in dplyr so they cut down on syntax by a lot. For some reason, it takes a bit of work to get my browser to not show a cached version of github pages, but I show them off in the latest docs.


Query and LightQuery seem to be the pandas/dplyr of Julia. Is there any Julia version of R data.table?


I think all the things @bramtayl is doing there is fantastic! The more packages, the merrier.

In my mind both packages are at quite different stages in their lifetime: Query.jl (and the whole Queryverse.jl) have been around for a while, have an active user base and so my focus for those is really mostly on adding features, not redesigning core architecture things. Backwards compatibility is something I care a lot about! We also have an endless list of features we want to implement that all work with the current design (i.e. they are all additive to the codebase), and I think our focus is really on pursuing that list right now.

I think it is great, though, that packages like LightQuery.jl can experiment with other designs. I certainly am learning a lot from those efforts. In my mind a good strategy there is to just see how those ideas work out, and once we have more data on that, we could think how some of this stuff could be integrated.


Yay! Great to have both of these packages in the ecosystem.
@bramtayl sweet! amazing with the swift response, will check it out straight away.

#27 new tutorial. can i haz starz