[Ann] GmshImport package: GMSH 4.1 file parser

Import .msh files in the Gmsh 4.1 format. Capability: import node and element blocks.
Limitation: The element types are limited at the moment to the most common ones.

The imported data are not specific to any particular solver, and it should be easy to use it as you see fit.

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In the spirit of the ongoing discussion here

perhaps you are interested in

and especially in

to register your new package (and maybe more) for FileIO.jl
Just a hint, I don’t know if this suitable at all for you or for FileIO.jl but perhaps you want to check.

I see ideas like FileIO.jl as the natural (organic) solution to any fragmentation in the Julia ecosystem, despite that I don’t see any fragmentation problems, or better, I just don’t have a fragmentation problem with Julia. It’s just not a problem (for me). Ok, the other discussion…