[ANN] BetaML.jl.. yet an other (simple) Machine Learning Package

BetaML v0.12 is out

Release notes:

  • Added FeatureRanker, a flexible feature ranking estimator using multiple feature importance metrics
  • new functions kl_divergence and sobol_index
  • added option to RF/DT models to ignore specific variables in prediction, by following both the splits on nodes occurring on that dimensions, as the keyword ignore_dims to the predict function
  • added option sampling_share to RandomForestEstimator model
  • DOC: added Benchmarks (but then temporarily removed due to the issue of SystemBenchmark not installable, see this issue )
  • DOC: added FeatureRanker tutorial
  • bugfix on l2loss_by_cv for unsupervised models

A specific announcement for FeatureRanker is posted here.