[ANN] AppBundler.jl - Bundle Your Julia GUI Application

Currently, my focus is making Snap support for the Linux platform better, and I have no plans to add Flatpak support as that would duplicate efforts. One of the key advantages Snap offers over Flatpak is the ability to create bundles entirely on other platforms using the widely available mksquashfs utility, which is also built with Yggdrasil. This contrasts with Flatpak, where flatpak-builder is necessary, and manual implementation would require considerably more effort. Depending on it would result in a finalisation step similar to MSIX bundles on Windows. In contrast, Snaps, coupled with a configure script that handles precompilation post-installation are complete and do not need any additional post-processing steps.

Another point worth noting is that Snaps are a good format for distributing server-side applications, which aligns well with the needs of my project. Therefore, while Flatpak has its merits, Snaps are easier to build and are more versatile.