AI tools to write (Julia) code (best/worse experience), e.g. ChatGPT, GPT 3.5

Wow, thanks for sharing this insightful thread! It’s fascinating to see the evolution of tools like ChatGPT for coding tasks beyond just AI and Flux. The landscape of programming support tools is definitely expanding, and it’s exciting to think about their potential in shaping language choice and development practices. I’ll have to check out Yannic’s video on Cicero; sounds like an intriguing application of AI in a unique context!

You can see GPT-4 in use by William A. Stein of SageMath when trying to demonstrate CoCalc at minute 9 here:


ChatGPT-4 is still probably the best, and better in GPT-4o (will be free for all, except for API, but I’ve yet not seen where to access it…) that all should check out, but for free this one seems best now (also for Julia?):

Also intriguing with 10M context window (not sure for coding, or needed there):

And FYI new at Stackoverflow, might also apply to Julia, though I think most users are rather here, but this might change that: