AI tools to write (Julia) code (best/worse experience), e.g. ChatGPT, GPT 3.5

[It’s an updated graph, same as at github I think, but the ones in the docs are outdated, maybe update, show a disclaimer or just drop there? To not confuse people… rather link to the README file.]

Looks great, it will be very interesting if you can try out e.g.:

The only model tagged with Julia at HuggingFace. Also Jamba, it’s based on, is very intriguing since not a Transformer (or purely, is a hybrid; I believe you only show transformers, and are any of them “Universial Transformers” that are known to be better?):

I probably wrote way too much there, quoted to much, I’m just excited about the future. See there at the bottom more models, likely good.

Also for (many) more models, e.g. from this week see:

such as:

And like Jamba another hybrid: Zamba — Zyphra